Rajah Puteh

Born and raised in a small town in Sarikei, Marcellinus(Max) never knew what is photography. One of his favourite hobbies since young was snapping photos through films camera. He loves to capture what he sees. When he got the first Digital SLR Camera, the interest turned into something more serious. His involvement in Photography never stops since then.

In 2010, Max started his photography business alone under the branding of Maclicious. He provided photo-shooting services for weddings, events and personal portraiture. As the demand in the wedding and events industry grew for better photos and videos, in 2013, he partnered with Bertram, a passionate photographer like himself. The duo founded their company, Rajah Puteh in Stutong, Kuching.

Besides weddings, keen corporate clients are requesting for their services. In 2016, Collin joined the team as Director of Product Development. Rajah Puteh is innovating their services and expanding into more verticals like events organizing and event supplies.

Currently, Rajah Puteh is consists of 4 persons with an auxiliary team of 8 to support the company, especially during peak seasons.

Back then when they just stepped into the industry, the market demand is more on the photograph. In the recent years, market trends had transformed. In this digital era, from corporate events to weddings, everyone is looking for something even more lively. Thus, Rajah Puteh is providing videography services.

“We need to constantly upgrade our equipment. DSLR, camcorder, external flash, tripod, memory cards, post-production software, etc. All these are costs,” Max shared when we asked about the challenges that he faced to start up Rajah Puteh.

The journey of pursuing a dream is not always easy. However, if I could speak to a younger me, I would tell him to believe in his dream and strive hard for it, don’t let the little things hold him back.” — Marcellinus January

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