Paper Cuts Printing Co.

Nowadays, when we talk about advertising, normally we are talking about digital advertising. While everyone is investing in the latest technologies and newest equipment, King took a huge risk by using up his life savings to purchase a plotter. All his friends claimed that he was crazy, but he didn’t care about what people said.

The reason that triggers him to leap into the printing business is an irresistible business opportunity. According to King, the client demanded 100 meters worth of printing. Besides, King also noticed that in remote areas of Kuching, old-school advertising that comprises of banners, direct mail, flyer, etc. is more effective than digital advertising. The demand for signage and advert is still very high.

Therefore, King decided to seize the opportunity. In October 2016, he quitted his day job, founded his advertising company with the brand Paper Cuts Printing. In a very brief time, Paper Cuts has become the flagship in printing huge banners in East Malaysia. They provide printing services from small banners to 50meters long banner.

When they approach their clients, they listen well to the clients to fully understand the clients’ needs. They always want to provide their best solutions to help their clients to maximize the ROI based on the budgets. The team in Paper Cuts has the heart of growing along with their clients. King is a very gung-ho entrepreneur. He does what he believes. Though the debut of Paper Cuts is a success, like every other business owner, at times he still needs to deal with some unfavourable moments.

My worst experience was late payment by client. We couldn’t roll the money to finish the job and ended up arguing with contractors on deadlines.”

It wasn’t a pleasant experience, but it hinted King to amend the Terms of Business with clients to prevent the same thing to happen again. Each time a problem pops up, he gets to refine his business processes.

Right now, King is excited to keep on exploring new ways and new ideas to innovate the advertising industry. After all, the possibilities are endless.

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