F&B is the most common pick when someone wants to start a business. It’s not because it is easy, it’s because good food is the most common pursue. I mean, who doesn’t like delicious food? Therefore, though it is not the fastest way to get rich, people open restaurants because they feel happy doing F&B businesses.

Most of them will join a fast food or famous restaurant franchise or open a hipster café on a busy street. But there remain some bold people who create their own brands to serve unique tastes.

Sean was graduated from Taylor’s University Culinary Arts. He never stops cooking since then. He worked as a chef in a lot of restaurants and café. At the age of 28, he decided to quit and has created his own F&B brand − Mezcla.

It’s now or never,” he explained.

With three of his friends from teenage, the four men started the online burritos bar without any experience of running any business.

I’m confident with my food. Any other things we can work it out down the roads.”

So, they started humbly by renting a small space as a kitchen for Sean to create delicious Mexican burritos and sell them on Foodpanda. As the sales getting better, they opened their very first outlet in Taipan Business Center in July this year. The burritos bar is providing their customers with a clean, cosy and vibrant space to enjoy their fresh and delicious food!

The philosophy of Mezcla is to provide you with a healthier option to spoil yourself. Every sauce and every dish are crafted by Sean using fresh and safe ingredients. Thus, they are safe to consume. In addition, Mezcla tries to ensure every food they serve as a balanced diet. All the foods here are also less oily and less salty compared to other similar cuisines. Therefore, though they taste like comfort food, they are healthy!

Grab your friends to enjoy the food fiesta at Mezcla now!

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