Car is almost like a necessity for us Malaysians.

Many parents present their kids with cars when they enter college. Besides, many young people that just started working want to own a car desperately because they can explore more career opportunities with the mobility of having a car. There is an increase in needs of owning a car since offering e-hailing services has become a popular source of extra income among young working adults.

Some will opt for affordable cars like the Perodua Axia, Myvi and Bezza. Some will even stretch money by choosing pre-used cars. Therefore, the demand in Malaysia’s second-hand cars is remaining high.

However, to sell a car is not an easy task. It isn’t uncommon to listen to people around us complain about how complicated is the process of selling their pre-owned cars. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a ready buyer, the paperwork and legal process is still a nightmare for many people. It’s also not easy to find a trustable dealer that will offer you an honest price.

To tackle this real-life problem of many Malaysians, is Malaysia’s first automotive website that provides fast and easy car selling service. 

They promise to provide full transparency in the services by giving the users a fair trade-in price based on your actual car condition.

Users just need to book a free inspection appointment, then bring the car to any of their inspection spots for the valuation of the car. If they are happy with the price given during the valuation, they can sell the car to CarSome immediately. Or else, CarSome can schedule the car up for bidding amongst their Certified Used Card Dealer network, then the user will be able to view live bidding results on the user dashboard. The user can then pick the best offer with no hidden charges or mark-ups.

Once a user agreed to sell the car to CarSome, the team will take care of all processes and paperwork within 5 days. The user will receive the payment via online transfer right after the ownership transfer.

Doesn’t it sound great? Users don’t have to worry about the complicated paperwork and the complex ownership transferring processes anymore!

Many users are impressed by the efficiency of their services.

Their main strength is their online bidding platform which is quite easy to use.” —— a user’s comment on Facebook

A very professional set up with very good service with online payment done immediately after surrender of my cay and seling results are very fair.” —— a user’s comment on Facebook

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